Your Venue Coordinator Just Quit - Now What?!

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If you do a Google search of couples who have posted a "freak out" after they find out that their venue coordinator quit (or got fired) you'd be scrolling through quite a few pages.  But, just like any line of work, people move around all the time for various reasons: better opportunities, moving, family, burnout (this is a big one in our line of work), etc. The wedding industry is no different, and even though this is one of the most important days of your life, venues are not immune to these changes.  

I get it, you book the venue  - sometimes based on the venue itself, other times because the person selling you the venue is the reason you fell in love with it.  We hear about this reason all of the time!  And why not?  We in the wedding industry are in the people business!  But, when it happens to our clients they know they really don't have anything to worry about since we are essentially their "glue" and continuity throughout the process.  It makes the transition between staff members much less stressful because they know we will make sure we get them up to speed and nothing is missed. It actually happened more than once to the same couple (yes, this has happened to one of our clients),  Here is the review from our couple who experienced this first hand, as seen on Wedding Wire:

"Let me preface this by saying that my mom and I are so beyond grateful for all that Michelle did to ensure my wedding was the perfect day. She went above and beyond!! We hired Michelle as a "day of" coordinator, since our venue had an events team in place. However, the venue (a Temecula winery) went through numerous staff changes up to just weeks before our wedding, which had me and my mom both very, very nervous. Michelle was with us the whole way, in constant communication, and even met my mom at the winery (again) the week before the wedding to ensure the new events team at the winery was up to speed. Michelle is a true professional, and she most definitely knows her way around the Temecula wineries. We had yet to receive a seating plan for the reception, and Michelle came to the rescue by sending us an old one she had used there. She answered many questions for us when the event team at the venue temporarily stopped responding to emails. Michelle will give you honest, much needed feedback which is extremely helpful to anyone planning a wedding for the first time. She calmed us down, took care of any and all issues, and thanks to her the wedding was an even bigger success than we could have imagined!" - Karen and Jonathan

There so many couples who place all of their eggs in this basket, so to speak, and if you do not have a planner or private day of coordinator, this news can be extremely distressing to be informed of during the wedding planning process. BUT the good news is that this can all be avoided with a clear understanding of what a venue coordinator's role is (and should be!) so you can make the best decision for the coordination of your wedding day, especially when unexpected changes occur outside of your control. 

Here is a little cheat sheet I put together based on my experience so you can be clear on roles and expectations.  Venues who follow these clear role distinctions have had a much better success rate at employee retention and avoiding burnout because essentially we are comparing TWO full time jobs.  In short, a venue coordinator works for the venue, a wedding coordinator works for you.  We have equally important roles:

Venue Coordinator vs. Private Coordinator Comparison Sheet

By giving you a peek behind our industry curtain, this helps you to be better informed so you aren't caught off-guard with changes at your venue.  And a better informed couple allows for easier decision-making and ensures a stress free wedding day.

Contact us today to discuss your wedding needs and let's find out if we are a good fit for one another!

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