CBS San Diego News Segment | Wedding Trends and Bridal Bootcamp Promotion

Exquisite Weddings Magazine Bridal Bootcamp | Michelle Garibay Events | Leah Marie Photography

Sometimes there are opportunities in life that you just can’t say no to, even when there is no realistic possibility of you being able to pull it together.  You say yes, and then figure it out! Like when Exquisite Wedding Magazine asks if you would like to be on CBS News in San Diego in 2 days to help promote a Bridal Bootcamp they were sponsoring.  Um, YES!!

I got the call on Thursday afternoon asking if I would like to pull together a team to design an tablescape and be on the news and talk about wedding trends and how couples can get their wedding published – that MONDAY morning.  I had a big wedding that next day AND a friend's wedding on Sunday that I planned and designed - but was a guest for! Our call time was 5:00 am. 

So, going into planner "problem solver mode," I called a couple of my creative partners - Leah Marie Photography and Regina at Jake Duke Studios and they both agreed to join in the fun!   Regina brought the table, chairs and some decor, Leah and Marcella were there to share their photography perspective (and take some photos of our experience as proof that we were crazy), and I borrowed and transported the florals and place setting rentals from the wedding that night and drive to Coronado at 10:00 pm Sunday!  Up at 3:00 am to set a table in the dark at 5:00 am was hilarious! Thank you Leah and Marcella for the much needed Starbucks!

There were several other vendors there to give brides advice for their wedding day as well. Thank you to the Coronado Island Marriott for their hospitality and also to Meldeen for the menu cards and Soiree Design and Events for the floral designs that looked beautiful even the day after!

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