Who Do We Work Best With?

We value things that stand the test of time - in product, legacy and tradition, by either starting a new one or celebrating one passed down. Quality is most important and we work with creative partners who share our same standards of service and excellence.  We encourage you to work closely with us to dive deep into what is truly important and then allow us to guide you along the planning process to bring together the best team to ensure your wedding is better than you anticipate.

We work best with those who desire a "planning partnership" that results in a wedding reflecting your unique personalities and style.  Our passion for each event centers on meaningful design that enhances the experience as equally as it is beautiful and fun with access to best professionals to achieve each vision. Those who want that perfect combination of personalized partnership and elevated approach are drawn to Michelle Garibay Events and the fact that we “get” today’s busy couples.

What Is Our Design Approach?

There is something to be said about the creative process. It’s a fascinating endeavor to dig deep into each and every wedding we design, to connect and personalize with our couples so we can deliver the extraordinary and create happiness. That’s why we are in the event business. 

We firmly believe that your wedding day should reflect your love story - and that starts with an experienced game plan, thought leadership and seasoned expertise every step of the way. Developing a strong visual presence during the design process is the foundation so planning can be intentional. This is accomplished through design concepts, renderings, images and textiles to assist in engaging your senses and truly give you an accurate overview of what your wedding will look like.


Winner California Wedding Day Best of 2019 Event Designer for San Diego & Temecula

2019 KnotPRO Educator

Named as a California Top 50 Planner in 2017

3 things I am passionate about:

  1. My family and leading by example so our kids learn a strong work ethic and the importance of chasing their dreams

  2. Travel - my adventures around the world for work and fun enrich my life experiences and influences my work 

  3. Supporting animal charities.  Our two dogs are rescues!

Favorite part of what I do: Events allow me to use my two strengths equally - my creative visionary brain with my execution and organizational skills so I thrive on consistently delivering happiness and joy for my clients and their guests 

Pet peeve: Slower drivers in the fast lane who don’t move to the right


the mge team

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